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Written by John Gaynor
John Gaynor & Co. Dublin 8 Solicitor’s have been located on Thomas Street for the last 45 years.
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Thomas Street is a key historic street in Dublin with Thomas Street, Meath Street and Francis Street forming the spine of the commercial area of Dublin 8.  These streets are a meeting of layers of pre-historic Christian and Viking occupations.
In the 1800’s, the area suffered an extreme decline, but the pattern of small industry and work began to change in the latter half of the 19th Century and Thomas Street became a well- established business street with butchers, bakeries and public houses dominant, as listed in the Contemporary Street Directories.
Now Thomas Street is largely back to its former glory with St. Catherine’s Church beautifully restored, NCAD on the site of the old Power’s Distillery, MRCB on High Street, the infill development of Vicar Street music venue and Noto Café on the corner of Francis Street and Thomas Street.  Dublin City Council have contributed to the restoration of the area with various grants for exterior improvements, evidence of which can be seen on many of the new shop fronts on the street.  The old distilling tradition in the area has been renewed by the recent development of Teelings Distillery in Newmarket and the Pearse Lyons Distillery on James’s Street which is under construction and due to open in Spring 2017.
John Gaynor & Co. Dublin 8 Soliciotrs are integrated in the local community, both business and residential and will continue to be so into the future.