John Gaynor & Co advise on all matters in relation to family law.  Contact our team today for professional and discrete advice on the following issues;
Divorce  –  Our team can provide a thorough run through of the Divorce procedure in Ireland, and will fully inform you of your legal obligations, rights and of any legal restrictions in place.
Separation  –  A competent member of our staff can advise on separation agreements, assisting parties in drafting agreements, and advising parties of their legal rights.
Property Settlement  –  Following a divorce property may need to be redistributed, our Real Estate team can handle your property settlement with ease.
Prenuptial Agreement  –  Although not legally binding on the courts, a prenuptial agreement can still be a valuable document in the event of marital breakdown.
Civil Partnerships  –  John Gaynor and Co prides itself on offering the most up-to-date advice in relation to all civil partnership queries, a member of our team is at hand to assist in any legal issues which may arise.