If you feel that your character and reputation has been lowered in the eyes of your friends, family or community due to a false or misleading action/statement made by someone else, you may have a claim for defamation.

We act for clients who have been defamed through print (newspaper or online news publication) or verbally (e.g. accused of stealing an item from a store).

John Gaynor & Co Solicitors LLP have significant expertise in defamation law and recently acted for a client in relation to a defamatory article published in the Sunday World Newspaper. A great result was achieved for our client with an apology issued by The Sunday World and a High Court settlement reached for our client separate to legal fees – Please see below link for review from Independent.ie.


Time limit

If you have been the subject to a defamatory statement or action, it’s important that you act quickly and initiate your claim as soon as possible. Generally speaking, you must initiate your claim within 1 year from the date of publication.

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Although it’s important that you act quickly, it’s just as important for you to choose a firm that has a proven track record in taking and winning defamation cases. We are that firm. With John Gaynor & Co., Solicitors LLP, you can be certain that from day one we will dedicate our time and resources to help restore your reputation and character.

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