John Gaynor & Co Solicitors LLP provides bespoke legal services for commercial clients in Ireland. Whether you are an entrepreneur with a unique idea or an established business enterprise, our team will provide clear legal guidance and pragmatic solutions designed to complement your business structure.

Our clients range in size from PLCs to micro-enterprises, allowing us to tailor our services to suit your business. With a diverse and discerning skillset, and experience in a range of provincial and international matters, our team will provide an unrivalled service to all commercial clients.

Whether buying, selling, or leasing, we provide professional and efficient legal services for all types of property transactions.


We will make pre-contract and title enquiries on your behalf, inspect title and relevant contracts. We can advise on pre-contract surveys and we can recommend Engineers, Surveyors and Architects. We have contacts in a number of financial institutions who can provide advice and/or loans.


We can advise on your current legal title to the property, draft contracts for sale and all other relevant documents, answer any queries raised by the purchaser, and refer you to reputable accounts should any taxation issues arise.


Whether you are a Landlord or a Tenant, we can provide sound legal advice in respect of all commercial leases. For landlords, we can draft and advise on the terms of a lease, whether a short term of lease of 4 years and 9 months or long-term leases, involving renunciations, repair clause and insurance.

If you are a Tenant proposing to take a Lease on a commercial property, we will raise pre-Lease enquiries on your behalf, searches, advise on the length of the lease and any renunciations you might be furnished with. We can advise on dilapidations (condition of the premises) and this can be recorded by way of photographs in respect of short-term lease or by a Schedule of Dilapidations to be prepared by an Architect in respect of a long-term lease. We can also advise on break clauses so that you can exit a lease if business is not progressing as you had hoped.  We can also advise on Covid clauses and side letters.


To avoid taking on the liabilities of a Company or person selling a business, we can advise on what is called an Asset Purchase Agreement where you buy only the assets of a Company or individual.  We can advise on this form of agreement whether you are actually selling your business or proposing to purchase such a business. We have extensive experience in this area, particularly in relation to medical practices.

We can prepare this agreement to clearly set out the obligations and relationship between shareholders of a Limited Liability Company. In regard to Company formation, we would normally refer you to a reputable Company Formation service, who can form a Company according to your needs and specifications.

If you find you are in a disagreement with a business partner or indeed with another business, we can help you deal with these matters. Commercial litigation can be quite complex, but we have the experience and knowledge to deal with any such issues that might arise.