Business & Commercial Law

Business and Commercial Solicitors

If you intend on going into business or any form of joint business with someone, it is vital that you set out in detail your rights and obligations with that other person.  Business and commercial solicitors can help. Among the terms contained in such an agreement, we will ensure that there is a fair exit scheme for the Partners. Should the Partnership Agreement be dissolved, we can help.  We can tailor a suitable Partnership Agreement to cater for your individual needs and advise you fully.
Company Formation
If you intend on going into business you may wish to form a Limited Liability Company.  This, among other benefits will protect yours and your family’s assets. If any claims are made against the Company and is an efficient structure through which to run your business or enterprise. Company Formation services for all small or Large Businesses.
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Share Purchase Agreements
Should you form a Limited Liability Company to run your business, a Share Purchase Agreement will set out the entitlements and obligations of the company’s members (shareholders).  Such an agreement is essential for the cohesive and efficient running of your business.  We can advise you on all aspects of such an agreement.